Welcome to celestial
hola, como estas? my name is angela and this is celestial. celestial has been gone for quite some time due to life getting crazy and me never having time to do anything fun. but i'm finally back and better than ever! i offer tons of resources and tutorials for your website/graphic needs. if you have any content suggestions, please feel free to message me on facebook or comment the cbox! enjoy your stay ✿


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Ayyyyooooo what the fuck is up, my dudes?! Welcome to the soft opening of CELESTIAL! Why a soft opening you say? Well, I am lazy and have been putting off updating links and stuff so I can do an actual grand opening. So I decided to do a soft opening so I'll have to force myself to get my shit together and actually update the site. I know you're thinking "Angela, you only have cutouts up. This is lame!" Yes my little siteworld friend, it is lame. But here's the cool thing: I have a ton of content I rceived from my very good friend, Sarah, that I am planning to upload soon. So while I only have cutouts currently, in the very near future (just like a day or so lmao) I will be adding more content! Just hold ya horses and bare with me, homies. I want to thank you guys for taking your time to visit my site and potentially use my content. You are all the shit and I'm mad grateful for you all! Let me know in the cbox what kinda content you want to see. xoxox