hola, como estas? my name is angela and this is celestial. celestial has been gone for quite some time due to life getting crazy and me never having time to do anything fun. but i'm finally back and better than ever! i offer tons of resources and tutorials for your website/graphic needs. if you have any content suggestions, please feel free to message me on facebook or comment the cbox! enjoy your stay ✿
breaking news, they take the truth and make it and fluid
listening to: tranquility base hotel & casino - arctic monkeys // 01/23/19
HELLLLLLLOOOO party people! Long time no see. as you can tell, i am back. i deactivated my facebook for a few days and took a mini break from social media. if you keep up with me, you'll know i am moving in just a few days (01/25) so i've been busy packing and cleaning my apartment. i also work 12 hour days almost every single day. i was just super overwhelmed with moving, working, and being sick and i needed a quick break. i used the time away to think about what i wanted to do and decided i wasnt going to quit the siteworld. ive dedicated too much time and money to just quit. now, my updates might be few and far in between. i work full time and i'm going to start streaming again on MWF nights so that is going to take up a lot of my time. if you have any content suggestions, feel free to let me know. as of this post, the only thing actually updated is the layout! new content will be coming... eventually! thanks for stopping by to visit the site! if you would like to contact me, please check the +more tab :)